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I made it to Round 2 in the aniblog Tourney!

Round 2 = double platypus power! (glothelegend is the one who taught me about the claws)

Warning: This post may contain some shameless advertising xD

Wazzup! This time around I have been checking every day to know when my match was, while voting for the other blogs each day because voting for anything is the right thing to do! Of course there is that weird Tourney bracket thing that I could have checked, but it was a tad confusing so I figured it would just be better if I simply waited till I knew it was my turn.

Anyway, to all those who voted for me last round you are awesome, but I do need your support in this round as well! I was trying to figure out a way to persuade you people into voting for me (because that is the right way to go) and I came to a solution! Vote Anime Princess and if I win, I have a surprise post that I will unveil that will be something that hopefully all will participate in and enjoy all around the blogosphere/commentorsphere in the anime community. Of course it sort of depends a bit on some things, but I’ll get into that later…if I can…

Anyway, that’s a pretty good deal in my opinion and so for one last time, VOTE HERE!

PS: Don’t forget to check out the other competitors in this tournament, Round 3 begins next week!

PPS: Here’s Artie from glee singing and dancing to the Safety Dance because that is awesome