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From the Worst to the Best: Spring 2013 Anime First Impressions


A new season for me to fall behind on again has arrived! As spring season goes, there isn’t as much selection as usual, but at least there are a few very solid series that will keep me interested. We also kick off the season with a bunch of controversy with Aku no Hana, I have no idea where that argument went, but last time I checked people were at a point where they believed we shouldn’t categorize it as anime at all. Fun times! 

I’m also part of FAL (Fantasy Anime League) this season, and I’m failing miserably. Blame Oregairu which ruined everything! Either way, if you’re part of it too, I’d love to hear what you made as your choices…So without further ado, I present my list of top picks for the season! Continue reading

From the Worst to the Best: Winter 2013 Anime First Impressions

I know I complain nearly every season about the lack of good anime, and this one isn’t really an exception, but instead of just being negative, I’ll give it credit for having a couple of series I totally approve of . The sequels are good and if you don’t count the dozens of short anime series released, you get left with a few good things.

For the most part, I can at least say everything seems to be entertaining. Also, in a time in my life where I’m having trouble organizing everything, a smaller anime load is probably for the best. Anyway, before I start to rant, enjoy the list that can be found after the jump! Continue reading

Top 10 Anime of 2012

This has been a terrible year for anime. Sure, I’m someone who likes to be entertained above all else, but at the end of the day I still like to find good quality series. With that said, this year has been seriously lacking of just that.

Anyway, this is my attempt to come up with my favourite series from the past year. Although there are a good deal of series I still need to finish watching, I still managed to complete 40, and from those I present to you the few that I actually found to be good. I hope you enjoy the list!

PS: I only count anime that finished in 2012. Continue reading

Top 10 Anime Openings of 2012

And so, my end of year lists begin!

I wait every year for this moment because they’re pretty much my favourite posts to make! This time we’re beginning with my favourite anime openings of the year! I may not have felt there were many good anime series from this year, but I’ll at least give it some credit for delivering a high number of awesome openings. There were even a lot of great endings, I might even make a post for them too, but it’s not on the top of my priority list right now. Anyway, enjoy the list! Continue reading

Top 5 Anime Directors

Since my love of lists is never ending, I’ve came up with my next one, and as you can see it’s the top five directors in the anime business. Naturally, the whole list is subjected to the things I like, so if you have any that you’d like to add, I’d love to hear it! I had eight strong candidates to make this list, but I cut it down to five by thinking about which ones had a truly unique flare to their work, and can get you genuinely excited to see them on board for a show or film.

I also tried to originally use some actual pictures of these directors only to quickly discover a good chunk of them apparently may live in secret or something since you can’t find a proper image of them anywhere! So I had to make do with just an image from one of their best work. Not that any of this really is something you care to hear….Anyway, the list begins after the jump! Continue reading