Medaka Box ~Review~


Rating: 5.5/10

I’ve always hated perfect characters. They’re some of the least engaging characters you can find and are extremely annoying. Medaka Box is all about putting its main focus on a perfect character, and not to surprisingly delivered quite a boring anime because of it. Sure, there was some development near the end trying to point out that Medaka wasn’t all that perfect, but it was definitely too little too late to make up for what 90% of this series was. After all, where’s the appeal in caring for a character who can do no wrong?

Medaka Box takes place in a school setting where a girl named Medaka wins a student election and as she tries to solve everyone’s problems, she also tries to recruit members onto her student council. The anime is based off a manga that has over 150 chapters out, and this anime probably covers only about the first 20. So in terms of how much of the story we’re getting…it’s none. Maybe it’s because within the first 20 chapters of the manga, the story has yet to really begin, but from what only the anime gives us, the story has no reason to even exist.

Most of the series was divided up into two or three episode arcs where Medaka and her growing members in the student council would go out and solve the problems that people in the school had. There isn’t much entertainment you can find in that. In one episode Medaka helps out a judo club in another she helps someone find their lost dog.

The problems are trivial and considering Medaka is perfect, you know everything will be fine at the end so you don’t care about the outcome. While this anime was airing, every week I’d wonder to myself what this series was trying to accomplish and drew a blank. It’s not funny, the story is weak, the characters have no depth, the action is poor (if present at all), and even the fanservice isn’t completely the main focus. WHAT WAS THIS ANIME TRYING TO DO!?

All the raging aside, even excluding Medaka, the rest of the cast in this series was pretty lame. It turns out all the other members of the student council we see in this anime have amazing skills too, and way more often than they should, simply talk about how much they love the godly Medaka. I wanted to know more about them than that.

The character who got the most depth in this series was probably Mogana, the swim team girl, but her back story was as superficial as it gets and her complete change in character was more for the worst than anything. Also, in terms of Zenkichi, I would have liked to have seen more interactions with him and Hansode. They were apparently really good friends, and they made an interesting duo, but the time they spent together was pretty short lived.

Medaka Box is an anime that sets out to do nothing and accomplishes just that. It’s as generic as they come and is a bore to watch. Nothing about this will engage you at all. This anime has no purpose of existing. Unless you like series where the conflicts in the stories have no importance and are solved by someone who does everything right, then this is definitely a series to avoid!

8 thoughts on “Medaka Box ~Review~

  1. Mushyrulez

    Just a note, the manga is much, much better, because as you noted, the anime only covers the first few boring arcs. The entire genre of the manga literally changes COMPLETELY after chapter 20 something. Seriously, do give it a shot if only to gawk at the anime production committee’s stupidity in adapting the most boring part of the story
    Mushyrulez´s latest post ..Mouretsu Pirates 23

    1. lostty Post author

      Okay, I’ll give the manga a chance, but I’m going to skip the first 20 chapters just so I don’t have to deal with the material that the anime covered.

  2. Kai

    Judging from the above, it looks like I’ll be watching this just for preparation before second season starts D: Since it looks like second season will be where the real epicness starts.
    Kai´s latest post ..Fate/Zero Review

    1. lostty Post author

      Ya, I’m guessing that’s probably true, but you don’t even need to watch this season to understand anything. When season 2 airs, just watch that.

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  4. shadow1510

    im sorry for not to be with you Lostty but the manga the 1 er manga is really exiting .. im reding for 3 day ago and y dint finish it becaus my time but when y read it .. y cant stop is really fun cute special, im a fan of haruhi suzumiya to and they look the seem gender of story so yes y like Médaka Box


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