Spring 2012 Anime – Halftime Impressions

We’ve made it to the halftime of the Spring season! I’m actually pretty surprised by how quickly time has gone by. This has been an incredibly strong season, so for the next six weeks you better enjoy it while it lasts because the summer season is looking quite terrible. Anyway, as per usual, I present to you my halftime roundup impressions for all the anime I’m watching.

Not too surprisingly, there are a few series I’ve already decided to drop. From last season I finally gave up on Mouretsu Pirates, just because except for one or two episodes I was never really interested by the anime. From the new season, I ended up only dropping Sengoku Collection. I still didn’t hate the first episode, but the next two were all about characters becoming idols, and it was just plain terrible.

There are also two series I fell way behind on, but I still plan to continue to watch them. I just felt there would be no point in talking about something I only 2 or 3 episodes of, so instead I’m saving my opinion on them when it comes to the end of the season. 


I eventually caved into watching this series just to see what it was like. Walking in with the mindset knowing it’ll probably be terrible made the experience pretty amusing. It is pretty bad, but while watching it I can’t help but wonder if this series is actually being sincere or not. Watching this to try to figure out that question, has made this series watchable.

Accel World

Much like with the first episode, I have still yet to see what’s so great about this series. I still don’t like any of the characters and a lot of what is happening is just stupid. It still manages to entertain, but it’s far off from being a good anime.

Acchi Kocchi

I’ve learned to appreciate this series. It’s doing the one thing it has set out to do, and that’s being cute. I can’t imagine this series becoming anything memorable in the long run, but it’s a series I’ve come to enjoy watching every week. It seems like it tried to take everything people like in slice of life anime and put it into one series hoping it’ll work. So far it seems to be working. The “kick the can” competition was definitely awesome!

Eureka Seven Ao

This series has a lot of heart to it and that really comes across when I watch this series. The story has finally truly begun and I like where it’s going. The first three episodes made the anime seem like it could just be a generic mecha, but it has since then proved itself to be unique and really good.

Fate/Zero 2

I’ve come to realize more and more than I think I would appreciate this anime more if I had seen fate/stay night. I still understand what’s going on, but I don’t think I care as much about the characters and the story as others probably do. Nonetheless, episode 5 and 6 were amazing, but this season is in desperate need of more Waver and Rider!


This continues to be a pretty good short anime about a class debating random topics. How could anyone not be amused by episode seven about duckface? As short anime goes, I’d definitely add this one to my list of ones worth watching.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

Sure this anime is making fun of shows like it, but that doesn’t automatically make the series good. I like some parts of the episode, but as a whole I haven’t really been able to like any episode. I actually like Nyaruko, but Mahiro is a really dull male lead.

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

I’m pretty eager to get to some new material already, but I’m still really enjoying watching this series. It’s a really well done shounen anime. I’ve also come to appreciate nen, which is something I never really cared all that much for. For a remake targeted towards kids, I’m happy to see they’re still able to get away with doing so much.


It’s just as easy to be part of group of people who hate kyoani as being part of the group of people who love them. I can’t help but love kyoani, and this new series makes for no exception. I like the characters and it’s clear that the story seems to be developing the mystery that will last for a good long while. The minor mysteries in the anime are a bit weak though, simply because the problems that are getting solved are so trivial I have no reason to care about them. I at least appreciate how they give enough information to let even the audience be able to solve the mysteries.


I like this series a lot, but it still has yet to reach its full potential. Part of my problem with it so far is that there are so many characters I don’t particularly like. Jonah is an interesting, but Koko is definitely the best part, and yet we don’t get to see enough of her. In terms of the rest of the characters, I just don’t like them much at all. At least the new arc seems like it’s going to teach us more about Valmer, which I hope will be interesting. I guess if they do that for every character, I’ll learn to like them more.

Kimi to Boku. 2

I haven’t managed to enjoy this season of Kimi to Boku as much as the first. I liked the episodes that were just about the boys comparing their life to cats (or something like that), but this season decided to add in a lot more romance for no good reason. I really don’t care at all for Maria and even more so how Chizuru has a crush on her and actually thinks Shun is a threat to his goal. I just want the good old days back!

Kore wa Zombie no Desu ka? of the dead

This isn’t my favourite anime out there, but it has some good moments. It actually has some really funny moments. Otherwise, there’s barely any substance to it, but I never expected it to. Though, I’m still surprised that it’s only going to have 10 episodes…

Kuroko’s Basketball

I decided to pick this anime up after reading some positive things about it. I’m not a fan of the sports genre at all, but for some reason I’m really enjoying this anime. The matches are really done well and are amusing to watch. If you’re not already watching, this is definitely an anime worth giving a shot!

Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna

This is a series that will no doubt be remembered years from now as something special. The quality alone in the animation is beyond superb and the framing of every shot is incredible. I haven’t loved every episode, but watching this has still been a worthwhile experience.

Medaka Box

Blah…I keep watching this series hoping that it will one day impress me, and yet it just continues to be the same old things we see in every other episodes. The characters aren’t even likeable! I actually hate Medaka. I don’t see what’s appealing about her character at all. It seems like all she’s being used for is to throw in some fanservice. Does anyone actually like her?


Nazo no Kanojo X

I actually like this anime. It doesn’t have much to it, but it does has a charm to it. It also seems to have an old school feel to it. I think they are trying to make Urabe appeal to everyone because every episode pretty much throws in a new fetish for the audience, and just claim it’s because she’s mysterious. Nonetheless, it’s oddly good.

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

This is a genuinely funny show about a round cat. The series has had 20 episodes and it still continues to bring the laughs as well as the cuteness!

Recorder to Randoseru Re

I still don’t mind watching this series, but it’s actually pretty bad. It’s been the same joke over and over again. It’s gotten a bit tiring at this point.

Saint Seiya Omega

This is a really average series, but it’s amusing enough to watch. The series at the moment is still only in its introduction phase pretty much. The characters are in school working to get stronger. That’s pretty much been the plot for the so far, so I don’t really know where this series wants to go.

Sakamichi no Apollon

This was my most anticipated anime of the season and it really doesn’t disappoint. All its greatness aside, I probably wouldn’t consider every episode complete perfection, just because sometimes the story in each episode isn’t as strong as another, but it still easily makes my top three series of the season. The time that this series takes place in is so interesting to watch. I am in dire of need of owning the soundtrack!

Saki: Episode of Side A

Saki is the anime with probably the worse pacing of all time. Every episode feels like it’s in fast forward. You never learn to care about anyone and the matches are rarely slowly downed, and that’s a shame because it’s the part I was most interested in seeing. Someone needs to give Shizu some pants…


I love this anime. I acknowledge its fault, but it’s still so enjoyable and simply awesome! I was kind of disappointed to see how with every episode this series became more and more about the fanservice, but as long as it doesn’t escalate even further, I’ll be fine with it. I also don’t particularly care for the romance, but otherwise this is still a really great series.

Space Brothers 

This anime has been simply very solid. It knows what it wants to it and it’s doing a good job of it. I don’t consider the subject matter of the series all that interesting to me, but I still really appreciate this series for what is.


So charming! This series continues to keep me wildly amused. I love every character and it keeps me glued to screen form start to end. There were a few episodes where not much happened besides some fishing, but the pay off to the wait finally arrived with episode six. Things are happening and I can’t wait to see more!


Why am I still watching this? Your guess is as good as mine. It hasn’t improved since the first episode and so it’s just the same old terribleness. It’s also just boring.


I feel like this anime wants me to hate it. I keep watching, but it just keeps on getting worse and worse. The animation is also get consistently worse with evert episode and the story’s not much better. It has some interesting themes at least, but it really doesn’t have much else going for it.

24 thoughts on “Spring 2012 Anime – Halftime Impressions

  1. chikorita157

    I don’t know what to make out of AKB0048, especially with episode 2 being cringeworthy. Aside from the horrible looking CG, I hate Nagisa because of her annoying personality and voice. From the looks of it, AKB48 is trying to pounder their fans by making Anime and like everything they do, it’s mediocre or bad. Besides, I hate idol pop since it’s more about cute looks than the singing talent.

    As for Fate/zero, the second half is probably the strongest out of the series. A lot of stuff has happened, especially Kritisugu’s flashback, which make his ideals a bit more understandable. Yeah, the lack of Weaver and Rider is kind of disappointing, but still better than what Fate/stay night will ever wish to be (and I still have to finish it).

    Hyouka, it’s pretty despite the mysteries being rather shadow. The mystery in the fourth episode was very interesting as they incorporated historical events that happened during the time into it. It was intriguing.
    chikorita157´s latest post ..Fate/zero – Episode 20 – The Calm Before the Storm

    1. lostty Post author

      Cute looks over singing talent is definitely the reality of it! I can understand what you mean by cringe worthy for sure. I don’t understand why I’m still watching.

      I plan to watch Fate/Stay Night after Zero, I just hope I find some sort of enjoyment out of it. Kritisugu’s flashback was definitely necessarily to understand his character more, especially after what happened with lancer. I really enjoyed those two episodes! At least great action is making up for the lack of Rider and Waver I guess.

      The first arc of Hyouka was probably just an introduction arc I’m guessing. I’m hoping that from hear on out we’ll be seeing some better mysteries, too.

    1. lostty Post author

      Did you end up liking Sengoku Collection? You still have time to catch up! And at least you’re watching Tsuritama, that’s awesome.

  2. Justin

    Hey hey, there’s another sports series you should be checking out this season that I like better than Kuroko (and it’s been pretty solid) Ginga!

    Otherwise, the list is solid, though it saddens me you can’t seem to get into Moretsu, Haiyore, and Accel world. Then again, for Accel World, it had been in a mediocre state for a few episodes. The past two episodes have been better though.
    Justin´s latest post ..Ginga E Kickoff Episode 5: Player And Coach

    1. lostty Post author

      I downloaded the first three episodes of Ginga and I plan to watch it soon!

      I might go back to watching Moretsu one day, but I don’t see it happening soon. Considering Accel World will be lasting over two seasons, I guess it has a chance to interest me eventually. It’s definitely not boring enough to drop.

  3. Cholisose

    Wow, you’re watching a ton of anime! Glad you’re enjoying Tsuritama. It’s such a sweet, enjoyable show. And it’s great you recognize the cute appeal of Acchi Kocchi. A fun, fluffy anime.
    I’ve really liked the romance developments happening in Kimi to Boku. It feels unique for slice of life, and is coming along slowly and naturally. Chizuru’s become such a sweetie. :>
    Cholisose´s latest post ..Spring 2012: Halfway Point

    1. lostty Post author

      Tsuritama and Acchi Kocchi are so much fun to watch!

      Although I don’t love the romance in Kimi to Boku, I can at least agree that I appreciate how it is gettin developed in the series.

  4. Yerocha

    I don’t think there are too many people impressed by the main romance in Sankarea, but it’s difficult to care when one of the people is a zombie. It’s to the show’s favour that it doesn’t focus on that very much.

    I think Tsuritama is slowly turning into my favourite of the season. The visual style and quirky characters can keep things interesting even when there isn’t a whole lot going on.
    Yerocha´s latest post ..My History With Manga

    1. lostty Post author

      The romance is either between a zombie or your cousin, which doesn’t exactly have much of an appeal at all. But yes, I agree that luckily that doesn’t seem to be the focus in the series.

      I know what you mean! With every episode of Tsuritama I watch I only seem to like it more and more!

  5. Cely_belly

    That’s a lot of anime :O Yeah I agree with pretty much everything you say. But don’t think Saints are that lame…well, they weren’t always that weak >.< They were actually much cooler back in the days..sniff. lol. But yeah really enjoying Kids on the slope and Space bros…Koko is loco as always and one of my fave animes..and Tsuritama is quickly climbing the charts. And yeah might drop accel world 😛
    Cely_belly´s latest post ..Bleach Ch. 492: Balancer’s Justice!!!

    1. lostty Post author

      The Saint aren’t that lame! I just want to go out and fight some bad guys already :)

      Tsuritama really is slowly making its way into our hearts 😀

    1. lostty Post author

      Polar Bear cafe was one of the series I fell super behind on! Though, I’ve now caught up and my impression is that the polar bear is definitely the best (and yes, it’s because of his awesome use of puns) and in all the series is cheezy greatness.

  6. Rei

    That is a lot of anime. I like Jormungand and the other characters play quite a big role in the anime. Not quite sure why you don’t like them but each characters are unique and they deliver it quite well. I like the sniper guy because he is cool, I also like the girl with the eye patch too because she always chase Koko.

    As for Kimi to Boku, for me the show is heading to the right direction, I know it’s not like season 1 but I was waiting for some romance to kick in so it’s all good IMO. As for Fate/Zero you’ll appreciate the story more if you watch Fate/Stay Night. How solid is Space Brothers because I think that anime is awesome. Agreed about Acchi Kocchi, very cute. Glad you watch Kuroko as well because I love that show, reminds me of Slam Dunk
    Rei´s latest post ..Space Brothers Episode 8 Thoughts

    1. lostty Post author

      I’ve come to like the sniper guy too! Eyepatch girl is a meh, but as for the other characters besides Jonah and Koko? I can’t even say anything about them. Why? We don’t know anything about them and they haven’t proved to be all that interesting.

      I plan to rewatch Fate/Zero once I watch Fate/Stay Night. Space Brothers is definitely solid. It delivers with nearly every episode and gives us consistently good episodes, I just don’t entirely love it because it’s not a story I necessarily love. I never watched Slam Dunk, but considering how much I’ve been liking Kuroko, I’ve been interested in giving it a try.

  7. AceRailgun

    You have exactly the same opinion as me about 90% of anime it was kind of freaky reading this as it felt like I was just reading my own thoughts.

    I can’t get enough of Sakamichi no Apollon either. I really need to get my hands on the soundtrack for that.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks next season is looking dull. Is there anything you are looking forward too?
    AceRailgun´s latest post ..Top Music 2012 Spring

    1. lostty Post author

      Awesome! It’s nice to find people who have a similar taste to me.

      Honestly, I’ve looked at the list for what’s airing next season a bunch of times and nothing has yet to strike me as interesting. I guess I’m willing to put some hope into Sword Art Online because I’ve heard that a lot of people like the manga, and Tari Tari because I like PA Works.

  8. Kai

    I’m surprised you haven’t watch the original Fate/Stay Night since I thought most did. But since Fate/Zero is a prequel, I guess you can pretty much watch it without watching Fate/Stay Night I guess.. But the order of watching them like that still feels kinda awkward for me.. Oh hey, I just thought of a new blog post. I should post something about this order thingy.. xD
    Kai´s latest post ..Character of the Month – June

    1. lostty Post author

      lol, glad I could help you come up with a new post idea! I wasn’t going to watch Fate/Zero because I hadn’t seen the other one, but everyone told me I should and that I’d still understand what was going on. The first episode explained pretty much everything I needed to know, and as you mentioned, it’s a prequel so I seem to be doing okay.

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