The Best Anime Rivals

An anime can get so much better with the addition of a rivalry, especially when done right! So to give them some appreciation I decided to dedicate a post to my favourite rivals. Keep in mind, this is my list and so I didn’t include the rival of Sasuke and Naruto (for example) because I just don’t care about them. Even with that said, I’d still like to hear what your favourite rivals are, so do tell!

The list is after the jump!

Alois vs. Ciel

For all those who made it through season two of Kuroshitsuji, congratulations! I know it was painful to watch. Despite an atrocious plot, I actually liked the introduction of the new character Alois. He was a perfect foil of Ciel and was so much more badass since he just liked to poke people’s eyes out cause he could.

Anyway, although I refer to this rivalry as Alois vs. Ciel, I think it’s better described as Claude vs. Sebastian because both those kids were pretty useless and mostly just became rivals to see who had the better demon butler. I still think they had one lame sword fight between the two at one point. Seeing these two “battle it out” for the first half of the season, was probably the only good part this sequel had to offer.

Who I think should win: Alois (but if we were referring to the rival between the two butlers, it’d obviously be Sebastian)

Ash vs. Gary

I’m keeping their names as Ash and Gary for the sake of my own nostalgia. Actually, I have no idea whether Gary is still around in the franchise, I don’t even know if Professor Oak is! What is wrong with my life! At least from what I remembered, Gary and Ash had always been rivals. Not to mention their competition continued to be fuelled by the bias Professor Oak, Gary’s grandfather, who would constantly tell Ash that he is five steps behind Gary at all times. Like when Ash caught himself a Krabby, professor Oak told Ash he was lame, and that Gary caught a much better one.

They were always rivals and even though Gary had all the advantages (like his personal cheerleaders that followed him and chanted “Gary, Gary he’s our man! If he can’t do it no one can!”), Ash had the heart! The amount of times Ash actually wins anything before Gary is few, the only one I can think of being at the battle in Viridian City where Gary was unlucky enough to have to try and beat Mewtwo and so he fails, but Ash only had to face Team Rocket so he won. Anyway, these two will forever be known as some of the first rivals in anime I’ve ever encountered!

Who I think should win: Ash. (Ash has Pikachu, and Pikachu has a power higher than any God!)

Kyo vs. Yuki

In this case, we have a rivalry that started thousands of years before Kyo and Yuki were even born where a cat got really pissed off after being tricked by a rat. The classic cat and mouse bickering/fighting between these two is so amusing. Kyo tried to challenge Yuki at every possible chance he got, only to have Yuki always still come up on top. This was as tragic as it was hilarious! Such a long lived rivalry was needed to make the list!

Who I think should win: Kyo. As we all know, he’s super awesome, which Yuki is not.

L vs. Light

Usually when you have a rival, the skills the two possess tend to be divided, but in the case of these two I felt they really were playing against each other on the same grounds. They shared so much in common to the point, where they really could have become good friends.

Nonetheless, Light still had the upper hand to the situation just for the simple fact that he had supernatural powers (ie. the death note) working with him. Watching this battle of intelligence was so intense because the outcome actually was hard to determine.

Who I think should win: L. He definitely knew it all along!

Lelouch vs. Suzaku

Such amazing frienemies! A rival between two people trying to achieve the same goal through completely different means. Suzaku on one hand, trying the just and honest way, while Lelouch tries to change the world by taking measure into his own hands with more illegal means.

I find this rivalry has a more interesting appeal than the others because of how the two are still close friends even though they both loathed one another’s aliases. And despite Suzaku always seeming lame in contrast to Lelouch, I’ll at least admit he made for a good opponent.

Who I think should win: Lelouch. It’s not like you expected me to say otherwise!

Nagi vs. Zange

You can’t help but love seeing twin sisters battling out to become the most popular! Not to mention, this can also be rephrased as a battle against Goddesses! Awesome! Zange, for the most part, tried to become the most popular just to show off even more to her sister, but Nagi fought back and wouldn’t admit defeat! Anyway, I liked how neither of the sisters was either super nice or super evil because it really created a rivalry out of the two and not just a good person versus an evil person.

Who I think should win: Nagi. I can’t help it! I’m still part of the Nagi-sama official Fanclub! xD

Shizuo vs. Izaya

Of course you knew these two were going to be mentioned! There’s nothing as pure to a rivalry as two people who right off the bat decide they hate one another for no specific reason. From then on constantly fighting whenever they meet, nearly destroying Ikebukuro each time. Honestly, without these two, Durarara wouldn’t have been half as great as it is. The better of the two has yet to be determined, as their two big showdowns ended with the same result, with Izaya turning the corner only to have Shizuo follow and get hit by a truck. These are two characters you seriously cannot get enough of, especially their irrational hate for each other.

Who I think should win: Really difficult decision! I think I’ll say Izaya just because he has the parcour and knife skills, as well as wit on his side.

17 thoughts on “The Best Anime Rivals

  1. Mushyrulez

    Heh, scrolling down the entries, I only recognized Ash/Gary and L/Light, and just knew you were missing something… until I got to the very bottom.

    (Personally, I think Shizuo would win, as he can survive many injuries, whereas if Izaya accidentally soaked his shoes in Jello and slipped off a flagpole hanging out of a twelfth-floor window…

    …yeah. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t put jello on his shoes.
    Mushyrulez´s latest post ..Mouretsu Pirates 10

    1. lostty Post author

      Good point about Shizuo, he can get shot and not seem to mind at all. I think the probably of Izaya having his shoes soaked in jello would be unlikely, but he definitely couldn’t survive the fall, unlike Shizuo. Though, I also feel like Shizuo has way more of a conscious than Izaya, so I don’t think he’s really want to ever truly kill him, but Izaya probably wouldn’t care much who died. I don’t know. It really is hard to pick.

  2. w

    I’m a bigger fan of Red and Green / Blue rivalry than Ash and Gary, but I guess they’re sort of similar. In a way. Maybe.

  3. Cloudydays

    Eheheh.. Agreed with Ash/Gray but I think it shoulda been Ciel in Alois/Ciel. Well.. I did personally develop a soft spot for Alois. I mean.. when even your own butler wants someone else.. that gets a bit depressing. As for Kyo/Yuki.. Whenever I think about this match (and I do this from time to time) I always lean towards Kyo but then suddenly I snap back and think but what about Yuki? Honestly, it’s the two ideal opposite-end kind of guys that girls look for, if you will. The bad boy and the sweet and sensitive guy. So.. turns out it’s sometimes hard to pick. But Kyo’s got his sweet side too.

    The end of Code Geass made me so sad.. I was right there with Nunnally , crying out “ONIICHAANNNNNN!!!!! D: “. I can’t believe I didn’t see that coming from a mile away..

    The last time animes.. I don’t recognize where they’re from but I’d love to know (they look pretty good).. mind telling me? c:

    1. lostty Post author

      I would say Ciel if he had Sebastian on his side, or if it was a battle of wit I guess. If it was about who had more physical strength, Alois would no doubt win.

      lol, crying with Nunnally xD Though, it definitely was tragic!

      I’ll tell you, which series they are in order from the first. They are all very good and worth a watch!
      -Kuroshitsuji II
      -Fruits Basket
      -Death Note (highly recommend, especially if you liked Code Geass!)
      -Code Geass
      -Kannagi (a really fun watch!)
      -Durarara!! (impossible not to love this anime!)

    1. lostty Post author

      I see what you mean. With those two series, there is such a difference between those two rivals. In one case, its a battle of intelligence with Death Note, while in Durarara!! it’s quite the opposite. Personally, it’d be hard for me to choose the one I like more because they’re so different.

  4. Kencana

    I don’t really like Gary and Ash from Pokemon anime. I much prefer theire counterpart at Pokemon Adventures (manga).


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