Winter 2012 Anime – Halftime Impressions Roundup!

We make it once again to the halftime of the season. A few series continue to shine, while others simply coast on that thin line of actually being watchable. I’m somehow keeping up to date with 16 anime series. Well, I’m actually watching two others, but I fell a bit behind…Anyway, when this season comes to a close I’ll make a post about my ten favourites, in the meantime you can find all my thoughts after the jump!

Ano Natsu de Matteru

This is a really good anime, and considering I was originally not going to bother watching, I’m glad I decided to give it a try. Though, it definitely is still far from perfect. It’s hard for me to pin point the reason it isn’t reaching its potential, but I guess I just want it to do something with its plot. Sure there’s a love polygon, but how about the fact that Ichika is a flippin alien! They nudge at this every episode, but it hasn’t proved to actually matter.

The only thing that has become evident, is that Ichika is not there to stay. At first I didn’t like the addition making her an alien, but if they decided to take that route they need to stick with it and not just avoid it by making it barely even a sub-plot. Anyway, this second half of the anime has a lot of weight on its shoulders to deliver, I just really hope it doesn’t take a predictable route.


I’ll admit this anime does have some problems. It’s not completely sure how to create the right mood sometimes, so instead it just keeps trying different things out while keeping its fingers crossed that it’ll work. With that said, in terms of delivering some genuine spooky scenes, this anime is at the hit or miss level. Nonetheless, this anime still keeps me interested every week. Since the first episode, I have been completely invested in the story and I really do believe the story continues to bring good twists that keeps me guessing. And whether you liked it or not, I thought that daydream scene in episode six was awesome! 

Black Rock Shooter

oy…I felt it was a bad idea that this anime decided to keep a similar story like its OVA because the format used then didn’t work and it still isn’t working here. This anime is supposed to be about black rock shooter (or at least I like to think), but the story surrounding that has no purpose, but the alternative is Mato and Yomi life, which is even worse! The animation is pretty at least, but that’s where my positive remarks end. This anime really needs to find a better plot to breathe life into an otherwise really cool character.

Brave 10

I was very close to dropping this anime, but I decided to keep with it because it hits one point above being bad. It isn’t trying to be anything good, but it entertains at a very basic level. I wouldn’t recommend it, but I don’t mind watching it.


This anime continues to stay amazing with every episode. The consistency this series has is incredible! It’s also nice to see that in this half of the series, Chihaya’s in a spot where she doesn’t seem perfect in every way. I’m one of those people who hate character’s who are “flawless”, so now that it has changed, I’ve been liking her even more than before. Lately, I’ve been having some very mixed emotions who I think Chihaya should end up, but as long as they don’t give us a cop out ending, I’ve decided I would be fine with either. All this anime need to do now, is to continue to be its awesome self!

Daily Lives of High School Boys

It’s always a treat to see a comedy anime that is actually funny. As one can expect from any comedy, the jokes sometimes don’t work, but I’d say on average they usually succeed. My most favourite segment is without a doubt the Literature Girl ones. Unlike the rest of the series where I usually just joke, the literature segment makes me laugh out loud so much! Also the scene depicted in my screenshot above was another hilarious scene. The high school girls segment is great as well, especially if you’ve seen Lucky Star, K-ON and the like because a lot of the dialogue they joke about is directly taken from those anime. Anywho, This is a definitely a comedy to be watching!

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

I’m still really enjoying this anime and now that the “hunter exam” is over I’m interested how this series will continue to progress. I was a bit disappointed by how the final exam was handled. It seemed rush and the Illumi/Killua showdown was such a let down. In the original series, it was one of the most suspenseful episodes of the whole series! Maybe the impact was gone just because I knew everything, but I could complain about it in a whole post if I really cared to so that’s only part of it.

Anyway, the hunter exam was my favourite part, but I’m at least excited that this series is on its way closer to the new material territory (months away, but still!). The Zoldyck arc should be interesting and I’m hoping they plan to cut down the time that was originally spent explaining Nen…Point is, Hunter x Hunter is still a good anime and there has yet to be anything that really upsets me about this series.

Inu x Boku SS

The first episode of this anime was pretty bad, but since then this series has improved a lot. On Twitter, Nazarielle pinpointed the exact reason why this is, which is that it starts getting good once they started adding in the side characters. This is so true! Kagerou is hilarious and so is Zange (voiced by my beloved Mamoru Miyano, which is enough to keep me watching)). I also love Banri who is just too adorable! I have no problem just watching this series for its side characters, but besides them, this anime is still a very entertaining watch.

Mirai Nikki

This anime is still a lot of crazy fun. It has had its weaker episodes, but it really knows how to bounce back. Having never read the manga and attempting to refrain from spoilers, watching this anime every week and seeing what new shenanigans it comes up with, has been great! Also, Yukiteru is now somewhat cool? I never thought the day would come. I can’t wait to see how the final episodes are going to play out.

Mouretsu Pirates

I wasn’t as quick to jump on board for this anime as most were. I just didn’t find it interesting, but by the time episode five rolled in I started to notice its appeal. Since that episode, I’ve been liking it so much more. A lot of people enjoyed the development in the first four episodes, but I guess I’m part of the group that just wanted to get the story started. The actual pirating was so amusing, I just hope they have to steal from people who are less happy about being robbed.

Natsume Yuujinchou Shi 

Four seasons in, it’s pretty true to say Natsume isn’t trying anything new, but since season one the stories (and the way in which they are told) have improved little by little. Eventually, all these small improvements reached their peek of excellence with season three. Season four is no doubt continuing to keep that level of greatness. This anime is just at a point where it depends how good the story they’re telling is. I have no criticism that this anime needs to work on to keep me happy, if it stays as it is I’ll no doubt be a happy soul at the end.


What words of praise can I say that haven’t already been said? This anime continues to deliver fantastic episode after episode. I’m already enjoying this season more than the first! Also, Shinobu is now talking! What more could I ask for?!! I said this was my pick for the season and so far it has yet to disappoint me.

Phi Brain

Ya, I continue to be one of those people still watching this anime and it really does continue to be half decent. I may even bother with watching the upcoming second season. The story has enough substance to keep me interested and its definitely fun to watch. Too bad the animation continues to just be crap, but considering it still lured in enough viewers for a sequel, maybe this series will be getting a bigger budget soon?

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

This three minute episode anime is actually not that bad. Sure, its using the same joke every episode, but it works and at least it’s cute. Also, each episode ends off saying that the next one is going to be even better than the last, so in theory, when the finale rolls in we may have the greatest series of all time on our hands!

Recorder to Randoseru 

This anime is a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Within three minutes, it actually has had some good punch lines. Though, it also used the same joke with the police thinking he was a paedophile three times. Anyway, as extremely short anime goes, the two I’m watching this season are not that bad. Though…this still is a creepy anime.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear

This anime is weird…I know that’s a vague word, but so is this series. I don’t hate it, but I don’t particular like it. It’s a ridiculous anime at times, but has a few good qualities worth sticking around for, and by that I suggest reading this post to understand what I mean.

13 thoughts on “Winter 2012 Anime – Halftime Impressions Roundup!

  1. tsurugiarashix

    I am watching everything expect for:

    Ano Natsu de Matteru (waiting for the DVD/BD), Hunter x Hunter (plan to watch), Mirai Nikki (waiting for the DVD/BD), Natsume Yuujinchou Shi (have to watch the previous seasons), and Phi Brain (plan to watch).

    Chihayafuru is definitely one of my favorites for the season, but Symphogear, InuxBokuSS, and Mouretsu Pirates are close behind. Mouretsu Pirates is not really bad, but as you seen the build up to whatever story is taking a slow methodological approach than diving head first. Now that the cute Princess entered the story, I am hoping things pick up.

    And as for Nisemonotargi, love the series, but god, the latest episode (8), lol. I can not look at this show the same XD

    1. lostty Post author

      I’m pretty curious where Mouretsu Pirates plans to go with its story, too. I always felt 26 episodes may be a bit much, but lately it has been picking up.

      I can’t tell if you that means you dislike that episode of Nisemonogatari or not. I know everyone was pretty divided on it. I thought it was awesome! and absolutely hilarious!

  2. Yi

    I’m totally loving Inu X Boku SS right now. The side characters are all so delightful indeed, especially Karuta. She’s sooo cute!

    I’m a bit disappointed to hear that about BRS. I’m still waiting to watch it since I did enjoy the OVA. But so far, most people don’t have much good things to say. :(
    Yi´s latest post ..Fashionable Nudity in Mawaru Penguindrum

    1. lostty Post author

      I seem to like Inu x Boku the more I think about it! Another Karuta fan, where’s the love for Watanuki! This is like the Fuko incident with me vs everyone all over again.

      If you really enjoyed the OVA, the series probably won’t seem all that bad, but it still has some obvious problems with its plot.

      1. Kai

        I’m more of a Karuta fan too 😀 After a certain episode, I immediately turned head over heels over her..

        And I’m not feeling much for Black Rock Shooter too. I think it will be awesome if they use the plot from the PSP game.
        Kai´s latest post ..10,000 views anniversary!

        1. lostty Post author

          Another Karuta fan! She’s great, but so is Watanuki!!!!

          I never knew they had a different plot in the PSP than in the anime.

    2. Rincewind

      Yi, if you liked the OVA of BRS you gonna probably like the anime too.
      I just loved the OVA and the Tv Anime, besides the inferior character design, is fantastic. Im loving every single minute.

  3. Rincewind

    I must disagree with BRS. For me, its great.
    The whole otherworld sequences with the fights, are amazing.
    And the real world part is a bit melodramatic, but its great too. Instead of cute girls doing cute things, its mental instable girls doing creepy things : The series.

    Besides BRS, Im following Mirai Nikki (faithful adaptation, yeay!), Symphogear (with the ups and downs, and QUALITY times, but its entretaining, and has the cutest couple ever: Miku and Hibiki), and Kill Me Baby. (Its funny… and the ninja girl is amusing… I love her voice).
    I watched a few episodes of Daily Lives of Highschool Boys… but I didnt find it that funny. I finally choose KMB as my comedic series of the season… meh… I miss Nichijou and Yuru Yuri…

    1. Josh

      Are you going to do a final round up or reviews of any of these? Interested in what you have to say about a couple of them.

      1. lostty Post author

        Yes! the anime I plan to review:
        -Ano Natsu de Matteru (half-way done)
        -Mirai Nikki
        -Inu x Boku

        that’s the plan anyway. you’ll see them posted in the next two weeks.

    2. lostty Post author

      @Rincewind: I think BRS appeals to some and not to others really. I agree, the dark atmosphere is nice, but the series just doesn’t interest me.

      I haven’t read Mirai Nikki, but I’m definitely enjoying the anime! It took me a while to warm up to Daily Lives of High School Boys, but by episode 4 I so the appeal and really found it funny. Though, as with all comedy, it really depends on the person. KMB just couldn’t get a laugh out of me.


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