How I Time Manage Anime Into My Life

This is my response to Kai’s Anime Time Management post.

The moment I saw this post and had also read what many others had to say about it, I knew I needed to give my input on the subject, too. How the hell do I manage the time to watch anime in my life?

A lot of people have said that when it comes to managing their time, they’re just really bad at it. I’m sure I can group myself with them as well, but in truth, I’ve never really tried to manage my time to begin with. When it comes to how I find the time for anime, it actually depends on a lot of other factors, which I’ll try to narrow down in this post. I’ve always just been a person who did what I wanted when I felt like it, like when it came to assignments I’d always write them the night before. The idea of getting ahead of work is beyond me. This system of procrastination worked all through high school, and now that I’m in college, I still haven’t found a reason to change my ways. 

Anyway, I’ll tie that all together with the rest of my time management with anime soon. The time I have in my life, relies solely on my schedule I create each semester. Right now, I got to school four days a week for varying times each day.

So many bloggers I follow are in really tough programs, working their way to be doctors and other fancy jobs like that. I really admire how they find the time to do anything because I have a friend studying in medicine and I rarely see her. Point is, in my case, I’m a film student. I really enjoy my program and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but even I will admit that it’s not the toughest program out there.

With that said, between saving everything off till the end and not even having as much work as I’m sure many do to begin with, I do have a decent amount of time on my hands. Not to mention I’m also unemployed…

Though, I am a film student for a reason. I love my anime as I love my movies and also, to throw in another cool point, I’m a total TV addict. I also read manga, play video games, and have some sort of minute social life online and in the real world. My time management for anime, focuses on creating some sort of balance out of all of these things.

With every anime season, I watch 15+ new anime. In my ideal world, the way I would manage all these anime is to watch them the very day they air, every week, thus never falling behind. Of course, the world isn’t as simple as that.

My favourite time in a day, is the nightime for the simple reason that at that time I usually don’t have to do anything else. So I spend my time watching things. If I don’t have to wake up at 7am (which I do twice in a week), 4am is the usual time I start to really try to fall asleep. Even when I do have class at seven in the morning, I plan my sleep schedule so that  if I fall asleep by 2:30, a four and a half hour sleep will be sufficient. Obviously I’m often tired, but that’s why coffee is a good friend of mine.

The “system” I created is that I will usually end my nights by just watching a TV series. I follow a few tv series on a weekly basis, but I always find some new tv series to watch. Sometimes, besides tv shows, I also rewatch some anime or watch old anime I haven’t seen yet at this time. As for films, considering I see at least three a week, I organize my time to watch those on the days where new anime is sparse. I firstly, see a film every week in theatres, after class on Tuesdays. Otherwise, on days like Wednesday and Fridays, the amount of currently airing series is really minimal, so I watch films usually on those days.

As for the other things I do, I play video games whenever I have the time or am just in the mood. As for manga, I always read that in large doses and if the series is still publishing, I’ll try to catch up to the newest chapter as soon as possible, so then I only need of ocus on that once a month for five or so minutes as I read the latest chapter.

With all that said, my time spent focusing on anime, falls amoung all the other hours in a night I can spare. In every anime season, there are one or two days that have a lot of anime that air that I’m really enjoying (this time it’s Monday), on those days, I make sure to watch them always on the day they air. With all the other anime that I like but don’t love, I simply download anyway and watch those series all at once on the days where I have the most time.

If I somehow manage to find any other time for anime, then its for any older series I’m also watching at the time. I like to marathon thins a lot, but that’s a whole other story and mostly happens when I have a free weekend or decide to skip all my classes for the day…

I also said I had some sort of social life didn’t I? That may have been a lie…

18 thoughts on “How I Time Manage Anime Into My Life

  1. Inushinde

    Interesting to get some insight into how you watch anime/your movie schedule. I’m much the same, watching things as I get them. Since I have two busy days a week now, where I’m at college from 11 am until 8 at night, it has cut a little into my ability to keep up with ongoing shows, to the point that I’ve had to put Lagrange on hold and drop Kill Me Baby.

    Still, I admit that my schedule isn’t at all strenuous. Being a sociology student who’s just knocking out some core classes, I still have a ridiculous amount of free time on my days off, even if I’m getting more and more of a social life. Hell, I’m only sleeping two or three hours earlier on average, which is still usually around daybreak.

    Also, get on Skype so you can have a little more of a social life. *Nods*
    Inushinde´s latest post ..A Completely Genuine Defense of Another, Episode 6

    1. lostty Post author

      Don’t feel bad about dropping Kill Me Baby. I dropped it after episode 2. My busy day is only one day in a week, on Wednesday. Well even if we have a lot of time, there are also those little things that always manage to take so long.

      Also, I’m totally on Skype now like a cool kid.

  2. kevo

    I’m about to graduate. So in between interviewing for jobs and wrapping up those last few credits, I have time to dedicate to my hobby. I even had enough time to join NHRV! Obviously, I’ll start to get crunched when work starts, but that’s still down the road. Just do what’s important and time for stuff you love will always sneak its way in.
    kevo´s latest post ..Anime Power Rankings: Winter 2012 Week 7

    1. lostty Post author

      I definitely agree! I’ll have to start trying to get a job soon. It’ll be sad when I do, but then I won’t have school for a bit so I guess it’ll even out.

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  4. Cely_belly

    Ha ha. Your post was very entertaining to read :) I too have a lot of free time on my hands which means I spent a lot of time with anime. As for school, my career path is currently undecided so I have this semester pretty easy. It’s cool that you’re into filming and movies. As for me, movies and television are not as interesting anymore – ever since anime became a part of my life. You can guess how my social life is lol.
    Cely_belly´s latest post ..Bleach Ch. 481

    1. lostty Post author

      Thank you! Even if I am interested in films, I’m still unsure what I really want to do in my life, much like you I’ll deal with that next semester. And yes, I totally understand what it’s like to have no social life! xD

    1. lostty Post author

      Thank you for making the project! If there’s more I hope to participate again! Because I have a decent amount of time on my hands, I can afford to watch over 15 anime. Still, it is hard to keep track of!

  5. JJR

    Well, I work 40 hours a week for a local gov’t entity (public library) and also have to get in some physical fitness and social “face time” with my parents…which basically leaves my evenings after 9pm free to devote to Anime. I usually watch one rental anime DVD per night, or the equivalent thereof on streaming. I’m sometimes able to get in more on weekends, and sometimes I catch the live screenings hosted by FUNImation and Sentai Filmworks here in Houston, at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (seeing Anime on the big screen is pretty awesome). If I lived alone I would probably watch significantly more Anime than I currently do.
    JJR´s latest post ..A completely biased take on the Full Metal Panic Franchise

    1. lostty Post author

      ya, real life gets in the way all the time >:( you get to see screenings by Funimation and Sentai! How lucky! I only get to see a few anime films that make it to theatres around three times a year.

  6. Yi

    “I’ve always just been a person who did what I wanted when I felt like it… The idea of getting ahead of work is beyond me.”

    Hehe, you and me both, darling. ^ ^ Unfortunately, it’s starting to not work so well for me though. I’m always struggling for more time and wishing I had managed it.

    Anyway, I’m impressed even without a strict system of time budgeting, you still manage to cram a lot of fun into each week. You’re a natural!
    Yi´s latest post ..Fashionable Nudity in Mawaru Penguindrum

    1. lostty Post author

      That’s the first time anyone has ever complimented me on my time managing skills! xD Although I make it sound nice, my work load does pick up around midterm, which is when I hate my life for a few days before things get back to normal!

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