My Newest Anime Mission – Believe it!

So if you’ve ever read some of my tweets or have been on my blog, you probably know I love setting mission for myself. I’ve now, once again, found a new mission I hope to try and accomplish. I don’t have a good track record of completing many of the things I set out to do, but I am great at least trying to complete them. I guess I’ll just try my best.

My newest is to try to watch all 220 episodes of the original Naruto series!

This anime is definitely one of the most talked about series and it gets as much love as it does hate. I have already seen about fifty episodes a long time ago, and I found no reason to completely hate it, but I was young then so maybe things will change. Though, even today, a lot of the hate I hear about this series is from people who have never even seen it and mostly just dislike it for the fans.

Besides the (often annoying) fans, I also think anime fans are annoyed by Naruto because of the people who don’t know much about anime. By this I mean, I have had to deal with on more than one occasion, meeting a person and at some point in the conversation it is mentioned how you are an anime fan. At this, they gave me taht judgemental face and say “oh, like that Naruto show?”. This really upsets me because most people don’t know much about some of the really fantastic anime out there, and instead judge the whole medium on only one anime.

Also, when they judge anime off of just what they know about Naruto, most of their negative judgement is because of some of the bad obsessive fans. It’s just one vicious circle.

Anyway, I figured I’d give this anime a shot once again to try and review it for what it really is. Hate and love aside, I’ll judge it based on what I see. Or at least try to. Whether this will be an absolute crap or maybe enjoyable experience, I’ll have to find out.

Hopefully as I watch this series, I can think of a few posts to write about, so I’ll feel motivated to keep watching. I just think that having been an anime fan for a good while now and having seen quite a lot, it’ll be interesting to see something that most long time anime fans don’t care for. I don’t plan to watch Shippuuden, but who knows, maybe I’ll learn to love Naruto so much I’ll just have to see it!

PS: sorry for all the generalizing

23 thoughts on “My Newest Anime Mission – Believe it!

  1. Cely_belly

    I haven’t come across people who hate Naruto, but I can see what you mean by those who think negatively towards these anime. Naruto seems to fit in the general anime category. Most of its fans are general anime fans that don’t plan on sticking around very long. Now, the long term anime fans tend to stay away from the general category because either the series are too long and you know how time consuming that can be, or they already know its good because of its fan base. Personally, I keep these series on hold because I know that there are other series out there that are also worth watching. Of course, I plan to watch Naruto soon, as I am a big DBZ fan. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up loving Naruto anyways :)
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    1. lostty Post author

      I think describing the big Naruto fans as usually not long term fans is a smart observation. I never was much of a DBZ fan, but the only chance I really gave it was the few times I saw it on TV when I was young. I remember how there was a group of guys who always talked about it….oh, memories!

  2. SEER

    I believe it is as you say: many people (including myself) “mostly just dislike it for the fans.”

    I was caught in a similar trap when I first started watching it: I saw all the episodes leading up to the chuunin exam before I fell behind and was flustered by spoilers from every friend I had introduced to the show. It has taken me almost a decade to come back to it, but this time I picked up the manga to avoid all the filler and catch up more quickly.

    1. lostty Post author

      I hate so much when people give me spoilers!! I do no a few about Naruto just from reading stuff around the internet, but hopefully some stuff will come as a surprise. Reading the manga is a good idea, supposedly those fillers really are numerous!

    1. lostty Post author

      lol, thank you. It gets filler filled even more near the end? Not looking forward to that! At least I’ll have a good 100 episodes to watch before having to deal with these supposed filler arcs.

  3. Dinara

    I will admit I judge Naruto even though I never finished it. But from what I watched, and heard it just has to much filler for me to enjoy it. I thought Bleach was awesome until filler was getting ridiculous…. My favorite shonen is One Piece. There isn’t much filler at all and when there is it flows pretty well with the series and story. (unlike bleach where they literally rip Ichigo from one dimension to another) now like I say I haven’t watched enough to say that I can accurately judge Naruto, so I would be open to hear what you would say about it. My husband watched up until the Pain fight before the shitty animation enraged him, he didn’t like the series very much though.

    1. lostty Post author

      I’ve spoken to someone who gave me this long rant about how he just couldn’t watch Bleach any more because the fillers were never ending. I’ve seen some of Gintama, that series is one of the few long shounens that are successful with their fillers. From what I hear about One Piece, it is generally well liked by many, but I’ll admit, the thought of watching 500+ episodes scares me. I’m curious to see how I’ll feel about Naruto, too! It’s been about 5 years since I’ve last seen any of it.

  4. Yumeka

    That’s great that you’re willing to give one of the big shonen trio a try all these years later. Unless they started watching/reading it a while ago, there are very few fans who will pick up a series that has hundreds of episodes to watch. So kudos to you for that commitment =D

    I would suggest skipping the filler episodes of Naruto that start at episode 143 and moving on to Shippuuden from there. Unless you want to watch all the episodes regardless, but with such a long series, I would think it’s best to just stick with the necessary episodes.

    I’ve been watching Naruto since 2003 and I’m still watching it today (again, skipping fillers). The characters are like old friends after all this time. Like other shonen series that have been going on so long, whether you enjoy it or not comes down to patience and the ability to forgive many not so good episodes in exchange for an excellent overall story, great character development, and an engrossing fictional world.
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    1. lostty Post author

      Thank you! I want to be able to give as much anime a chance as I can. You gotta step out of your comfort zone every once in a while…

      From 143 onwards its just filler?! like, every single episode?! That’s crazy, I didn’t know it was that much! I’ll see how I feel about the series by the time I get there and determine if I should keep watching or move on to shippuuden I guess.

      I definitely see what you mean about how they’ve become friends. For me, watching Naruto is going to be fun just because I’ll get to remember the times when I first started getting interested in anime.

  5. Inushinde

    Most people that I know who hate Naruto haven’t ever seen/read it, kind of making them unreliable. I haven’t seen it either, but I definitely wish you good luck!

  6. Ty-chama

    Ha ha ha, please don’t allow yourself to believe that all Naruto fans are crazy who do not appreciate anime in the long-run- I first watched Naruto during ’08 and I’m still an avid anime fan, even now!
    Naruto is a great show- the large majority of its characters are fascinating and after so many episodes of the show you really end up rooting for them, especially as so many of them have so many difficulties to overcome, and the action is always to an amazingly high standard. And it’s definitely worth sitting through all that filler for Shippuden, which is just outstanding. I look forward to hearing your impressions of the show as you progress through it…
    Just passing by…

    1. lostty Post author

      Thanks for passing by! :)
      I’m sorry for generalizing. I know there are some who stick around.
      You prefer Shippuden to the first Naruto series I guess? I like the characters, they’re all pretty interesting. So as long as I learn to grow more attached to them, the fillers won’t seem all that bad.

  7. Drakes Bill

    I really love watching Naruto now and then because every challenge that he encounter, it creates goose bumps in me. Naruto is a must watch anime of all time.

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