From the Worst to the Best: Winter Anime First Impressions!

So we make it once again to the less eventful winter season. Though, I guess I shouldn’t completely stand by that statement, considering the past two years have proved that we should be getting one awesome anime out of this season. With footsteps to walk in like Durarara and Madoka Magica, it’s going to be difficult to find something at that same level of greatness, but who knows! It’s had to tell from a first episode how a series is truly going to be (Guilty Crown being an example of this), but here I’m going to try my best to do just that!

This season seems to be getting an interesting mixed bag of emotions for each series and it`ll be interesting to see which ones stand at the top by the end. Anywho, starting from the worst:

14. Recorder to Randoseru

For the most part, I think the people who have decided to give this anime a chance, it was just to see how this ridiculous plot would play out. The premise was creepy to begin with, and the reality of it was not much different. Our main character, due to looking much much older than his age, was thought to be a child molester. I don’t even know what to think of it. It wasn’t really funny. Anywho, I’ll continue to watch just because it’s so short and so weird.

13. Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

And another short anime makes it to the bottom of the barrel. I expected this to be cute like Chi’s Sweet Home and was seriously disappointed. It was boring and didn’t work with the only angle it had. Either way I’ll keep watching because there’s a cat.

12. Zenki Zesshou Symphogear

Boring! This anime may have some things that give it a few points, but at the end at fails at doing something that is the most important aspect to keep in mind…to entertain. It felt like just a really long music video with some sort of vague attempt to add a plot to give it some sort of substance. It got more interesting by the end, so I’ll give it another chance to determine whether it is worth my time.

11. Kill Me Baby

When it comes to anime adaptations from 4-koma manga, it can really be a hit or miss type of deal. Kill Me Baby didn’t create any fluidity in its pace, so it acted just as a 4 panel manga would if put on screen. Setup, setup, setup, joke. This ends up predictable, and although it works on paper, it doesn’t work on screen for 20 minutes of it. In this first episode, we grow no attachment whatsoever to the characters. We have no reason to accept their quirks, and because of that, it all translates to just being annoying. The OP is also the most annoying thing of all time.

10. Brave 10 (brave 10 making the tenth spot was not intentional)

This anime didn’t look that good, and it wasn’t. I decided to watch it cause I could. It had a really weird first episode with some crazy bad pacing problems. Not to mention it’s an extremely unoriginal samurai series where every attack is a “SECRET TECHNIQUE!” (which is not really a samurai-thing to do anyway). Not terrible to the point that I’ll drop it right now, but if you were thinking of watching this, don’t bother.

9. Rinne no Lagrange

This anime had a lot going for it, but the one problem is that its another mecha series. This anime created such a wonderful setting and I would have much preferred a series where Madoka tried to recruit members and help people because either way the story would have been overdone to death, but at least I’d get a really cool setting to go with it. Unlike now, where a bunch of robot fights in the sky seem to be awkwardly added in. Also the fanservice was unnecessary, the girls are literally just dropping their skirts and pants, which is just weird!

8. Inu x Boku SS

I wanted this to be good, and I still do! The only problem is, that it did pretty much everything wrong. The characters and twists (from what I can tell in only the first episode) are beyond over done. I’m so bored of butlers…Definitely watchable, but not really enjoyable.

7. Mouretsu Pirates

I definitely didn’t enjoy this as much as some people, even when I was watching it with the expectations that it was probably only going to be some campy fun. I have no idea what this series is going to do if its 26 episodes long, but if it doesn’t plan to take itself seriously, I won’t either.

6. Thermae Romae

So it seems this anime isn’t going to last very long, but either this one definitely exceeded my expectations. Anime comedies this season, are so far, actually funny. This one was so weird and peculiar, but also totally awesome!!

5. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

This is the other comedy anime of the season that is actually truly funny. At first notice about this anime, we all sort of thought it was going to be a copy Kimi to Boku, but it didn’t take too long for us all to realize that it isn’t so much a copy as it is the much more crude and funny version of what Kimi To Boku could never be. A definitely pleasant surprise of the season that will hopefully just continue to bring the laughs.

4. Ano Nasu de Matteru

I loved everything about this first episode, except for its ending, which sadly seems to be the set-up to what the rest of the series will be about. Still, I’ll continue to believe those last few minutes never happened and maybe this series will ignore it too. I can hope! Nonetheless, this anime is probably the most promising. Though, I can’t help but laugh at the fact that the character designs for the lead guy include that hideous half turtle-neck thing underneath his school shirt, which was no doubt added to give him even more of a “director’s look”.

3. Natsume Yuujinchou Shi

Keep in mind, that I’m only focusing on reviewing the first episodes from the new season, cause the second episode of Nasume was a vast improvement and would have brought this series to the number one spot. It’s great to see Natsume already back again for its fourth season! It also seems like this season isn’t taking its time and instead is getting right into the action. This was a strong first episode that unlike in the last couple of seasons didn’t want to spend too long just recapping what happened. I like the change from the usual pace this show brings, but I hope as the season goes on we’ll still move a bit away from the main story with the exorcists to show some more of the fantastic standalone episodes that this series always has to offer.

2. Another

One of many things I like about anime fans is that we’re always excited to see a new horror anime, and the genre is always much more appreciated in this medium than it is in mainstream film. With that said, sure Another may be trying a bit too hard and have too many dolls, but I still felt the story was strong and we’re definitely in for a great series. Even if you didn’t feel too invested in the characters or story, its still worth seeing just for the visuals. It has some top notch animation and some really intriguing shots and angles (seriously, take a look at the first episode and if you look for it, you can see such a diversity from low angles, high angles, canted angles, close-ups, extreme close-ups, etc.), which shows the dedication is there. I really hope this anime is as good as it has the potential to be!

1. Nisemonogatari

The first episode gets right back into its crazy antics and I loved every minute of it! Such an awesome script and even if the anime is mainly only dialogue, I was interested from start to end. This anime is so unique in its storytelling and it’s really hard not to love it. I guess its not something for everyone, but for me, it was a fantastic 20 minutes of my life. There’s not much else to say besides the art is still great and this anime is just genius. I need more episodes right now!

18 thoughts on “From the Worst to the Best: Winter Anime First Impressions!

  1. Yerocha

    Looks like not watching Symphogear was an alright decision. There’s a lot of good looking shows this season, and I’m just now getting into some of them. I can’t say for sure how well Pirates will hold up, but I’ll still give it a chance.

    Also, love the Natsume picture. So hugable.
    Yerocha´s latest post ..Billy Bat – Chapter 70

    1. lostty Post author

      A few people have been praising Symphogear, but from what I can tell so far I don’t know what they’re talking about. I agree with you about Pirates. And Natsume is always hugable!

  2. Ruadhán

    I’d pretty much agree with your list. Only problem with Nisemonogatari is the amount of fanservice in it, specifically relating to the elementary kid, went a bit too far I think.

    1. lostty Post author

      I find that for the most part, the humour behind Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari is that it so thinly walks that line of what is appropriate and what is not. So I can see how for some, it may seem like it went too far.

  3. Quon

    I was very disappointed with natsume placing third and another besting it for second, but we all have our opinions and I respect yours :D. I do however completely agree with nisemonogatari getting first, bakemonogatari was a legend for me and the second season is no different! Love your blogs keep it up princess!

    1. lostty Post author

      Thank you very much!!!

      Well I said I was judging them by only their first episode, if I included Natsume’s second episode it would have taken the top spot. I just felt the first episode wasn’t that strong. Also, I definitely seem to be liking Another much more than most. I completely agree witt you too about Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari!!

  4. OverlordG

    My picks are:
    -Macho Nichijou
    -The epic badass girls Sci-Fi trifecta (Pirates, Symphogear and Lagrange)
    -Inu x Boku…I’ll think about it
    -Kill me Baby
    -Milky Holmes 2

    I also decided to start making episodic posts this year. It’s pretty fun so far.
    OverlordG´s latest post ..148th G-View: Ultimate Girls

    1. lostty Post author

      Good picks! I agree Inu x Boku hasn’t really sold me yet.

      And that’s awesome! I’ll be sure to check out your posts, I’ve just been busy lately with school stating back up again 😛

  5. Dharn

    This are new animes that I have not heard before. For me one of the best anime out there is One Piece, it offers a variety of fun from the storytelling to the characters. Every character is well developed.
    Dharn´s latest post ..How To Get A Girlfriend

    1. lostty Post author

      My list is of new anime that airs with every new season. One Piece doesn’t fir that criteria, but I hope you check out some of the titles in this post!

  6. Inushinde

    Ano Natsu and Nichibros were quite the pleasant surprise. Definitely liked more than I thought I would.
    I don’t know though, I didn’t like Thermae Romae very much. Not sure why, but it didn’t do anything for me.

    1. lostty Post author

      Let’s just hope Ano Natsu and Nichibros are able to keep up the same pace! As for Thermae Romae I can see how someone could like it a lot less. I was in the mood to laugh and the anime did just that for me.

  7. Kai

    Psychology genres seem to be more liked now that when I think about it, most of the better anime/visual novels seem to center around psychological ones, making it ever the more so mysterious. With that being said, I’m looking forward to Another the best (haven’t started watching yet). I’d rate Ano Natsu lower just a bit though as for the rest, I more or less agree with it 😀
    Kai´s latest post ..Happy Chinese New Year!

    1. lostty Post author

      That really is true. I’m definitely one of those people who love the psychological genre! I hope you enjoy Another, and Ano Natsu I still enjoy, I put it high because I feel its got wicked potential.

  8. tsurugiarashix

    Winter is interesting on one hand, but also not so interesting as I thought it would be. Nothing I worry really call worth seeing just yet, but I am enjoy Symphogear, Rinne No Laggrane, Another, Mouretsu Pirates, and of course Nisemonotagri. Eh, I am watching more than that, but just waiting to see if anything leaps out at me.


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