Top 10 Female Anime Characters of 2011


And we starts of this list with last year’s number one girl! Yui is still so awesome! Can’t wait to see the movie!

This was a good year for the girls of anime. I think it can be best summed up as a lot of crazy and a lot of cuteness! What more could you want?!

10. Ika-Musume

Ika is a given to any list. She’s a squid girl for goodness sake! Not to mention, chibi-Ika is one of the most cutest things in the world! She’s hilarious, quirky, and the reason we all love the show. The proof of her awesomeness is that none of us would mind at all if she were to ever successfully take over the world!

9. Kobato Hasegawa

Kobato is most definitely the best character in Haganai. She’s a little like all of us in a way…she cares a little too much about Japanese cartoons. Though that’s where her charm comes from. You can’t help but love her constant switch between being an adorable younger sister and truly believing she is a ten thousand year old vampire. She totally needs a spinoff where she tells the true tale of “My little sister can’t be this cute!”.

she ain't for sale

8. Meiko “Menma” Honma

For a dead girl, Menma is ironically extremely lively! Menma is a character you really grew to love and appreciate. She still is quite a static character, but as the series goes on you learn to love her who she is. While still wanting her to have her wish come true, you also don’t want her to simply disappear. Menma really is an unforgettable girl.

7. Homura Akemi

Before episode ten, Akemi was shown in a negative light. Even so, that only made her the badass of the series (besides Kyuubei of course). After episode ten, you can see her in such a completely new light (I don’t want to give away spoilers), and it makes her even more likeable. I actually liked most of the characters in this series, but when deciding too pick out just one, I knew right away that it had to be Homura because of her incredible strength and dedication to her cause.

6. Kurisu “Christina” Makise

On a superficial level, Kurisu has a great sense of style and has fantastic hair! Otherwise, she’s a super smart (and not annoying smart like we usually see) and witty lab assistant. We need more characters like her in anime!

5. Yuno Gasai

Everyone’s favourite yandere for obvious reasons! Yuno takes obsession and craziness to a whole new level where awesome over takes creepiness. No matter what she does you can’t help but think that it just translates as absolute awesomeness! She’s so cool that you can’t help but root for her in her truly insane “antics”.

4. Ringo Oginome

Ringo has changed a lot since the first half of Penguindrum. Along the way we’ve learned to love her for her craziness and we love her for her determination. One way or another, Ringo was really awesome. Ringo is a girl who knows what she wants and will do anything to go out and achieve her goals (even if that means putting a frog on her face to say the least). As the series continued and we learned more about her we also really started to sympathize as well. Also she is a pro at being a stalker!

3. Aoi Yamada

How can I not include Yamada on this list to put it simply. Yamada really steal the whole show for me in Working! In all honesty, she’s surprisingly self-centred and lazy, but somehow it still translate as just more loveable qualities of hers. Yamada is a hilariously unique character and in this sequel, they finally gave her some more of the attention she deserved!

2. Ohana Matsumae

Ohana is someone who I find very admirable. She’s at first just a city girl and when she gets thrown into a new life, although she admits its difficult, she still makes light of it and keeps on smiling. Ohana wants to improve who she is and is one of those people who can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Ohana proves how endearing a strong female lead in a series can be!

1. Erio Touwa

Erio is my hero. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks and does whatever she wants. In the first three episodes of the series she wraps herself in a futon and eats pizzas whole. Even after she gets a “reality check” she compensates by just being extremely cute and a girl who continues to do her own thing, her way. Of course there’s also the fact that she may very well be an alien, but even if she isn’t, she still has a magical quality to her that makes her deserving of taking the number one spot on my list. She’s someone who I’d really love to be my friend!

22 thoughts on “Top 10 Female Anime Characters of 2011

    1. lostty Post author


      From what I can tell, we often do have some conflicting tastes so I can understand why are top female characters would differ so much! x)

  1. Yerocha

    “Yamada wants to be number one!”

    I’m also glad to see Ohana made the list, since she really feels like a more special character than many people give her credit for. The only person I’d want to add to the list is Rin from Usagi Drop, but that’s just me.
    Yerocha´s latest post ..One Piece – Chapter 648-650

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    1. lostty Post author

      My thoughts exactly when it comes to Yamada! I think that’s an interesting aspect about the anime Working!! in general. Almost every character is a jerk and too self-centred to notice.

  3. Yumeka

    Great picks! Homura, Kurisu, Ohana, Yuno – I’d pick them too XD Kobato is cute though I think I find Sena and Rika more interesting out of the Haganai girls ^^,,, And Yamada is very funny but my favorite Working!! girl is Yachiyo.

    I’ll admit I thought Ringo was a total psycho at the beginning of Penguindrum, but she did get better later on. But then Tabuki become the psycho 0_0

    I haven’t seen Denpa Onna so I don’t know Erio…she sounds like a good character though =)
    Yumeka´s latest post ..The AniBloggers Choice Awards: my top 12 anime of 2011

    1. lostty Post author

      I was actually having a hard time choosing between Sena and Kobato for my list, but cuteness won in the end. I also really like Rika too.

      Ringo’s personality really did improve as the series went on, and I totally agree that Tabuki ironically became a psycho in her place.

      Denpa Onno is a worthwhile anime to check out!

  4. Starburst-chan

    Great picks! I agree with you with all of them except Kobato and Aoi since I haven’t watched these two shows. For my two I would have given it either to Christina or Ohana, but I find Erio a surprising pick for number one. She’s quite peculiar but that’s what makes her stand out xD

    1. lostty Post author

      I like characters that are different from the norm and Erio was just so cute and I related with her on some level where I knew she had to take the number one spot. Ohana and Christina are definitely awesome too!

  5. OverlordG

    another interesting list hime-sama. Allow me to give my two cents on some of these lovely ladies:
    -The Squid of Destiny does indeed deserve to be on the due to her very existence.
    -Ku.Ku.Ku’s a very entertaining character that much is for sure but I dislike how she’s also used as fap material for lolicons.
    -Menma huh? I’m more of an Anaru guy myself.
    -Nako and Yuina win my vote when it comes to HanaIro, but Oahan’s certainly an interesting girl, especially due to her unique hairstyle and for the most controversial catchphrase of 2011, “Fest it Up!”
    -Homura Akemi is a true heroine and honorable representative of the yuri nation. Nuff said.
    -Yamada Aoi…to quote my review of the 2nd season of Working…”a goddess of comedy and the greatest anime character ever conceived. All should hail, worship, praise, respect, bow down before, exalt and glorify this girl. Thank the writers for including her early on this season. This made season 2 even better than it already was when it began.
    -I liked Ringo a lot at first but I became more of a Masako fan as the show progressed.
    -Yuno is Rena Ryuugu 2.0
    -I still need to watch Steins;Gate to have a better opinion of Kurisu.
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