Top 10 Anime of 2011

^^see they’re celebrating the new year like I’m celebrating a year of the best anime. Relevant pic!

This is my post for the ACAA  in all its awesomeness! So we near the end of another year of anime, and I’ve got to say this was a pretty great year for me (in terms of anime in the least). I saw more anime than I ever have before! I know some people will be a bit surprised by some of my choices and their placement on this list, but this year is the year that I am actually the most satisfied than I have ever been with my top ten list!

PS: I only count anime that will finish airing in 2011 on my list. 

10. Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Apparently this anime isn’t very appreciated in the anime world, but I still feel it deserves a lot more appreciation than it got. The first three episodes were a perfect story in itself. After that, it still delivered a wonderful anime with quirky characters and clever stories. Also of course being a SHAFT anime, we got a quality script with a hell of a lot of dialogue. It was also interesting how this series always left the mystery in the air about whether Erio or Elliot are really supernatural beings. An extremely worthwhile series!

9. Steins;Gate

This anime proved to us all the greatness of science! This is an incredibly unique science fiction story that you won’t find anywhere else. It creates mystery and takes its time to set up its story, but by the end it proves that the wait was definitely worth it when you see how everything unfolds. If you want an anime with some actual intelligence behind it, look no further!

8. Tiger & Bunny

This is what I want out of an action series whether its in an anime or a live action series. It mixes action and comedy perfectly! Not to mention it has some of the cheezy themes you would find in the classic comic book hero story, but brings a new fresh look to it and revives it into something incredibly entertaining. An underdog of a series at the start that made its way to the top!

7. Usagi Drop

I started off with a negative impression of the series and I ended up watching thinking I wasn’t going to like it, but somewhere along the way, it still managed to warm my heart no matter how much I resisted. It is a pure story of being a single parent and trying to raise a kid. It gives us a taste of the trials and joy behind it. Also a perfect image of how a children truly are. It’s a series that will really take you away to a place you won’t want to leave. It is also a plus that cute kids are cute.

6. Fate/Zero

My first exposure to fate/stay world has truly been a great one. Thanks to what I can imagine to be a large budget, we are welcomed with nearly perfect animation. To top that off, we get a cast of fantastic characters, whether they be villains or not. It also has some great action and intelligent storylines. I’m glad to know that I will be seeing more of this anime what’s this first fantastic season is done! (PS: so many great duos! And by that I mean Waver and Rider!!!)

5. Hanasaku Iroha

I already mentioned in my review for this series that I can agree with some of the problems this anime had, but sometimes other aspects can take over and still make this series leave me with a fantastic impression. The setting and the world created in this anime became magical and while watching this anime series I just wanted to join in on the adventures and be part of the sense of family everyone had in this series. It was inspiring, realistic, and has the ability to charm you to no ends.

4. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Being a fan of the mahou shoujo genre, it really was a treat to see it done completely differently. In the first episode we get reminded of all the classic clichés only to have all those expectation completely warped, but in all the right ways! Each episode built up tension and when the series finally needed to deliver, it gave us a fantastic finale to an incredible series. It brought quite a few surprises that we would never expect could be shown in a thirteen episode series. Episode ten is definitely my favourite episode in anime of this year!

3. Natsume Yuujinchou San

I just don’t know how this series continues to get better. With every new season announced, I wonder how it can top the last and this third season makes no exception. Every week I just couldn’t wait till I got to see it and when I did I felt empty until I got to see the next episode. This season also had some of the most tear jerking episodes yet, that left me on the brink of tears. It ended off on a beautiful note that could have made for a perfect ending to the whole series, but I’m glad to know I’ll get to see another season of this outstanding series.

2. Mawaru Penguindrum

I know people have had their problems with this series, but in the least I’m sure you can agree it has been one hell of a fun time watching this anime! It’s a great reminder that originality continues to exist. This anime is a feast for the eyes with its vibrant colours and crazy awesome style. It has a story that always keeps us guessing and promises to entertain us with every episode. From the jokes, to the drama, the animation, to the soundtrack, this anime raises the bar of pure greatness to a new level! A series I really can’t stop loving!

1. Ano hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

And now I bring you to the number one series, which is an anime that was truly something special. When I was writing a review for this series, it was hard for me to find the words to describe my love for it because it had truly left me speechless. It was eleven episodes of pure perfection. I was so emotionally involved and I know for some this may not have been the case for them, but no matter what sort of criticism I read, I will always consider this anime a damn  good one! AnoHana is an anime that reminds me why I am proud to be an anime fan. This is without a doubt the best anime series of 2011!

69 thoughts on “Top 10 Anime of 2011

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    1. lostty Post author

      totally understandable. Natsume Yuujinchou is a wonderful series that I highly recommend you watch! And if you have seen some of the other seasons, well season 3 was the best yet so still watch it! x)

  2. seer

    Glad to see I’m not the only one with fond memories of AnoHana. Sure, it was melodramatic and uneven at times, but overall it was a completely emotional ride worthy of the noitaminA brand. I still watch the opening and ending themes every once in a while to remind me of it.

    1. lostty Post author

      People tend to automatically brand melodrama as bad, but in AnoHana’s case, it worked. An example of a series where it is way too melodramatic would be Saikano. Anywho, I love re-listening to the OP and ED for this series as well!

    1. lostty Post author

      Those two most definitely are! Though, I definitely think you should at least give AnoHana and Penguindrum a chance! (not Natsume cause it’s on its third season, but if you want to start by season 1, you’re still in for an amazing series!) They are both extremely good series and time just flies by while you’re watching them.

    1. lostty Post author

      Ya, Steins;Gate was one of the big talked about anime of the year, but even the less talked about Natsume is still absolutely fantastic and I’m glad you’re interesting in watching it. All the seasons are great and it only gets better!

    1. lostty Post author

      That really is the best thing about the Holidays! Getting to watch all the movies and TV you didn’t have time for! Natsume is great, but keep in mind its the third season of the anime.

  3. Mushyrulez

    The thing with things like AnoHana ano HanaIro are that if the drama doesn’t resonate with you, it just doesn’t work. They’re pretty hit-or-miss things, just like Nichijou. There are solid anime that everybody likes (Steins;Gate, Fate/Zero), and then there are anime that only some people like, but those some people adore.

    Uh, dunno what I’m trying to say so don’t mock my misusage of English because misusage isn’t even a word
    Mushyrulez´s latest post ..Ben-To 11

    1. lostty Post author

      I do understand what you mean, and I agree. Certain stories affect people differently and for a series like AnoHana and HanaIro if it didn’t create that strong impact for someone, they won’t like it as much, but that wasn’t the case for me obviously.

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  5. Phoebe

    Had never heard of AnoHana till I read this list.

    Now I’d like to thank you very much for it, It was quite an amazing series…

    1. lostty Post author

      Well it was a really good series, but it had some problems. If you like an intelligent story where the first half is very dialogue heavy, then you’ll definitely like this anime.

  6. OverlordG

    Hohoho, AnoHana as your #1 eh? a most interesting list I must say. I unfortunately cannot include some of the shows you mentioned, Tiger and Bunny, Natsume Yujinchou 3 or Steins;Gate because I have yet to see them. they’re on my watchlist though. Everything else I agree are great shows but the difference between us is that…I can’t decide which show is the very best, which you’ll find out by the end of this year.
    OverlordG´s latest post ..Kimi to Boku’s cat symbolism in one picture

    1. lostty Post author

      Anohana was just so great….Also the three you haven’t seen yet as well. I don’t blame you for not being able to choose one. 2011 was a great year for anime!

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    1. lostty Post author

      I felt Denpa Onna had better characters (in terms of personality) and was less about the fanservice. Not to mention, I really hated Yozora and the last episode had a lot of recapping. Denpa Onna’s first three episodes were stronger than any episode Haganai had at all. I still enjoyed them both, but those are the reasons why Denpa Onna made the list instead.

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  9. Starburst-chan

    I agree with most of your choices – the only ones that I don’t agree with are the ones I haven’t watched, which is Fate/Zero and T&B, and Denpa Onna. Although Denpa Onna was very Shaft, unique, and its first 3 episodes were pretty good, I still wished there would have been a bit more direction and plot.
    I personally would have placed Usagi Drop over Anohana,and Steins;gate at number two, but the rest of the placements of these shows I would have kept. Great list ^^
    Starburst-chan´s latest post ..Starburst’s Best of 2011

    1. lostty Post author

      Thank you! I think when it comes to Anohana, it really depends on how the show affects you personally, same with Usagi Drop, so the placement between the two would definitely be different everywhere. Steins;Gate was great, but I just didn’t love it the same way everyone else did.

  10. Requiem

    While I disagree with some of your placement (most notably Steins Gate), I feel this is a good list. It’s refreshing to see somebody not fawning over Madoka. I feel as if I’m the only one who felt that series contradicted its theme horribly in the final episode. That being said, I still placed it fifth on my list for sheer prowess of the art and writing. A question though, if I may, did you watch Hourou Musuko? It made my top ten, but I’m yet to see it on anyone else’s. It went completely under the radar, I fear.

    1. lostty Post author

      It really did, and I’m afraid I haven’t seen Hourou Musuko yet! I’ve been meaning to and have heard so many great things about it. I will get around to watching it soon!

  11. yuki

    I read ur blog right after finishing ano hana~~that anime is really good~~i rarely watched slice of life anime (except for natsume yuujinchou)..but this anime is definitely awesome…it highlights on friendship among childhood friends as well as romance~!!every episode progresses the storyline very well with some mystery (guessing menma’s wish)..definitely is a worth anime to watch…

    1. lostty Post author

      I’m glad you liked it! I fell so in love with anohana and it makes me happy to hear my list helped you to check out this incredible series.

  12. Josh

    Hi lostty,

    I have to thank you for your excellent blog and for introducing me to Steins;Gate. I’ve always been a ‘sort of’ anime/manga fan, watching the occasional movie and reading the occasional graphic novel (the popular ones mostly), but recently I finally decided to delve further into anime recently. I’ve watched a ton of accepted ‘classic’ movies over the last few weeks, but when I came across this page I decided to give my first t.v series a go.

    Steins;Gate completely blew me away (although I understand it wasn’t you’re favourite per say, haha). I love the story, characters (especially), animation, everything about it. I never knew how enjoyable tv series could be, so I’m definitely going to check out a few other things from your list.

    Hopefully I’ll be around commenting on posts a little from now on, we’ll see!

    1. Josh

      Oh and also, where do you watch all of your anime? Not sure what the best way for me to go about watching shows is, as it’s hard to find downloads for lessor known stuff.

          1. lostty Post author

            Can’t help intervening. I don’t think I’d recommend Chaos;Head in all honesty, it may have the same setting as Steins;Gate, but is otherwise quite a terrible anime. I’m sure that site is good, but if you don’t mind torrents, use it has all the really old classic movies out there.

          2. Requiem

            It’s not the best anime, you’re right, but it has decent characters. I just have a habit of suggesting shows made by the same people that made a show someone liked. But yes, Chaos;Head wouldn’t make any sane person’s best of the best list. If you don’t need sentiment and tears, Clannad After Story is wonderful. Of course, that would require you to watch Clannad, which isn’t nearly as good.

          3. Josh

            I basically only use torrents so that’s perfect. I just finished Ano Hana actually, broke my heart. All the characters were brilliant, although I wish there could have been a full episode of ‘closure’ so to speak, instead of just the last few minutes.

            Next up is Madoka Magica I think.

          4. Josh

            Enjoyed Madoka Magica and Usagi Drop as well. Especially Usagi Drop, it was perfect amounts light, cute, and heart warming. Working my way through most of this list, haha. Two episodes into Hanasaku Iroha currently.

            I can’t find a torrent or download for Fate/Zero though, can anyone help me out?

          5. Requiem

            Madoka’s ending was a real disappointment to me. I felt it conflicted with the show’s entire theme and message horribly. A bunch of people thought it was the best show of the year, but I disagree. It did do a lot for the magical girl genre, but I wouldn’t say it’s as deep as people think it was. The ending was really just one massive cop-out. Hanasaku Iroha was my second favorite show of 2011. Absolutely gorgeous art, fabulous voice acting and characters, and a whole lot of heart. It had the best and most applicable message of the year’s shows. Ohana will forever remain one of my all time favorite characters.

          6. Josh

            I agree about Ohana, she is such an amazing main character. I was rooting for her almost 100% of the time, even when she was being illogical. Although ALL of the characters were so well done, as you said.

          7. Requiem

            Yeah, the whole cast of Hanasaku Iroha was amazing. Even minor characters developed. Sui’s transformation really gets me too. I’m really glad it’s getting a second season this year. I think you should watch Clannad and Clannad After Story next if you liked AnoHana and Hanasaku Iroha. Or if you’re in the mood for manly action with a perfect blend of emotion, try Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Many manly tears were shed in that one.

          8. Josh

            WHAT. I had no idea there would be another season, that’s the best news haha. I’ll definitely check out Clannad and After Story when I’m done Fate/Zero since After Story is so highly rated, and I’ll look up Tengen as well. Thanks for the rec.

          9. Requiem

            Oh, if you’re watching Fate/Zero, you need to watch Fate/stay Night after it at some point. Fate/Zero is actually a prequel to it. Fate/Zero is getting a second season this spring.

          10. Josh

            Yeah I will, although I’ve read that Fate/Zero is superior to Fate/Stay Night in every way so we’ll see haha. It would be good timing for me if I enjoy this though, since yes another season is airing soon.

          11. Requiem

            Fate/Zero in a completely different class than Fate/stay Night. But it does complete the whole story, so it’s sort of a must watch. I’m trying to think of any movies you might not have watched yet… Have you seen Summer Wars?

          12. Josh

            Makes sense and yep! I think I’m pretty up to date with movies (I’ve watched a ridiculous amount over the last half year or so), thanks though :D.

    2. Requiem

      That’s good. Summer Wars is pretty great. Watch Redline if you haven’t as well, though you probably have. Hmm… OH! I really hope you’ve seen Neon Genesis Evangelion… If you haven’t, you aren’t a qualified anime fan. Lol

  13. Darrell

    NOOO STEINS GATE DIDNT COME 1st T_T, but i still respect ur list, most ppl havent watched Steins Gate or Mawaru Penguindrum and left them out of their lists xD

    1. el nino

      just like Darrell, why Steins Gate didnt come first? XD
      can u tell me where I can find Fate zero review?

      1. lostty Post author

        Click on the link I posted in reply to Darrel. That’s my review and it explains why I didn’t put it in first place.

        I didn’t make a Fate/Zero review. sorry :(

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