Top 10 Female Anime Characters of 2010

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I’ve made it to another end of year post!! Huzzah! In this case I’ve created my list of top favourite characters. I still haven’t seen as many anime series as I would have liked, but I have made do with what I’ve seen and picked my favourites! compliments and criticisms are always welcomed, so without further ado, I hope you enjoy the list that can be found after the jump!

10. Maria (Arakawa Under the Bridge)

We start this list off with Maria who at first glance seems to be a kind individual, before she throws insults at you like flying daggers. Maria is an odd character that I couldn’t help but enjoy. I loved her theme song!

9. Panty (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt)

Panty manages to have standards while at the same time sleeping with hundreds of men. She’s an angel whose gun is made from her panties. She’s a total bamf. Need I say more?

8. Tsumugi “Mugi” Kotobuki (K-ON!!)

Last year I wouldn’t even think to add Mugi on my list, but in the second season, my impression of her complete changed! Mugi seemed to show us a different side and throughout the episodes it seemed she found out more and more who she was. She also turned out to steal some of the funniest and cutest moments in K-ON!!

7. Anri Sonohara (Durarara!!)

I didn’t know what to expect from Anri at the beginning. She seemed like such an ordinary character, which was obviously a terrible assessment. Her arc may not have been the best, but it definitely made her a gazillion times more awesome.

6. Nino (Arakawa Under the Bridge)

Nino is so mysterious and spontaneous. You never really know what to expect from her, which kept her interesting throughout the whole series. She has this aloof personality on top of it all and I can understand why everyone is always craving her attention. She’s so cool without even trying.

5. Tsukimi Kurashita (Kuragehime)

(credits WaterhalfFire)

Tsukimi is a character you can appreciate in the world of anime. Beauty isn’t what comes first for her, and although she does get glamed up every once in a while, it’s her personality that makes her shine. As the show progresses, we see her move away from her sheltered life and change. While seeing this development, you can’t help but root for her the whole way through. She’s awesome.

4. Noël Kannagi (Sora no Woto)

For more than half this series Noel was this timid character, whom was smart, but quiet. She seemed like the added touch to the show. Throughout the series, her subtle moves managed to catch my attention. She was for the most part adorable. Later on, she does become more important and learning about her past definitely added a lot to her personality. She turned into one of the most intriguing character of the year.

3. Yui (Angel Beats!)

Yui turned out to be that character from a key anime that everyone seemed to dislike, except I loved the most. Her personality is similar to both Fuko and Makoto, although sadly she isn’t as awesome as either. She still earns her spot on this list for being my favourite from the show. She plays the guitar while being annoying and cute. Quality stuff right there.

2. Stocking (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt)

I’ve preferred Stocking over Panty from the beginning. Stocking is always eating sweets and tends to keep to herself, but not by choice. In comparison with everyone else from the series, she’s sort of the coolest loser ever to live. She also has awesome stupidly long hair!

1. Yui Hirasawa (K-ON!!)

This year Yui made it to the top! Haters gonna hate, but I love her. She’s adorable and never fails to amuse me. Besides being only slightly less of an air head, I relate to her and this show so much. I also love her positivity and her outlooks on life. What would the show be without her?! She’s a riot and I totally wish she got more appreciation!

24 thoughts on “Top 10 Female Anime Characters of 2010

    1. Jesse

      I second his comment lol. Very rare for me to not mak my own comment, but “Yi” says it perfect. A very reasonable list, not much to complain about xD

  1. BryanM

    I loved Yui! Especially her hilarious moments with Hinata! But one thing’s been boggling my mind abit, where’s Selty from Durarara? D:

  2. OverlordG

    Let’s see:
    -Stocking is obviously more awesome than Panty. Despite Panty’s character at the end I honestly didn’t like her as much as Stocking. If I had to pick a 2nd fav it’d have to be her counterpart, Kneesocks.
    -It was WAY too difficult for me to pick a favorite in the K-ON! cast. Maybe I did pick one in my review of the series but I can’t remember.
    -Nino is Arakawa’s highlight in both character and cuteness. Maria’s evil nature is much more entertaining than that loli from Hades.
    -The fact that you also watched and enjoyed Kuragehime deserves praise. What I liked about Kuragehime was not only that it reminded me of Betty la Fea (Ugly Betty being the somewhat inferior US version) but the fact that it actually made me care for the romance. I’m quite sad that it didn’t get a 2nd season and ashamed at myself for not giving it enough justice.
    -Though Yui’s surpsiing character development at the end was amazing, I was more of a Tenshi fan to the end.
    I sadly haven’t seen Durara yet, but you already know that.
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    1. lostty Post author

      -Ya, kneesocks was pretty good. Thinking about Panty sorta reminded where the series left off, where’s our season 2?!
      -Yui FTW!
      -lol, Noel was the best part about Sora no Woto!
      -I do see how you can relate it to Ugly Betty and I also agree that Kuragehime is a much better version of that story. Great series that got a little under-appreciated.
      -I love my Yui :)


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